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344                                                                                                     B. POLEVOI

have a son, Victor. Maresyev's mother came from Kamy-
shin and is now living with them, rejoicing in the hap-
piness of her children and nursing little Victor.

Today, the name of the principal hero of my story is
often mentioned in the newspapers. The Soviet officer
who set such a striking example of courage and fortitude
in the struggle against the enemy who had encroached
upon our sacred Soviet soil is now an ardent champion
of world peace. The working people of Budapest and
Prague, Paris and London, Berlin and Warsaw have seen
him more than once at conferences and rallies. The amaz-
ing life of this Soviet soldier is known far beyond the
borders of his own country; and the noble demand for
peace sounds exceptionally convincing when coming
from the lips of one who so courageously bore the severest
trials of war.

A son of his mighty and freedom-loving people, Alexei
Maresyev is fighting for peace with the same ardour,
determination and confidence in victory as he fought and
vanquished the enemy during the war.

Thus, life itself is writing the sequel to this story about
Alexei Maresyev—a Real, Soviet Man.

Moscow, November 28,1950